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 Lonquén Chile Ltda (Lonquén Chile), began operations in 2000 and today has over 14 years experience and background in the Chilean Sphagnum Moss Industry. We are one of the largest and most well known Moss exporters from Chile.
 Since beginning  its commercial activity, Lonquén Chile has specialized in the supply of Sphagnum Moss, while also being careful to assure ecosystem sustainability by using careful harvesting methods in the swamps. We always seek optimum quality to assure product excellence for our customers. Lonquén Chile, puts emphasis  on innovation, always responding  to the needs of our Customers, while looking for new uses of the product and the best packaging formats.   Lonquén Chile offers its customers the assurance of having a permanent stock of our Sphagnum Moss products, by working with a proper and continual supply chain. Today, Lonquén Chile enjoys an international reputation and is one of the leading producers and exporters of Sphagnum Moss in the world.