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This is the Premium Top Quality  Sphagnum Moss and  has a characteristically nearly white color. The fiber is over 14 Cm. long, often used to decorate the top layer of Orchid containers and flower pots.   Since the production is of a limited quantity,  this Moss has a higher price than any other.


Our highest demand is for this Excellent Quality popular Sphagnum Moss, which is  characterized by a blonde to light brown color. The Moss fiber is mainly between 8 and 14 centimeters long. This quality is recommended and required for all stages of Orchid production.


This Moss is typically a little darker color than the 5 Star Quality and also has slightly shorter fiber, with a range of 5 to 10 Cm. long. Color can vary from brown to slightly reddish.  It is also very popular and is recommended for the production of smaller Orchids and for Vertical Gardens and Bedding for reptiles and other pets.


Shortest fiber Moss only 3 to 5 Cm. long, and also is a  darker  color. Can be used in soil mixes to improve substrates, and as a soil conditioner such as in the construction of golf courses etc.

MILLED MOSS (or Moss Leaf)

This is a sub-product of  the moss cleaning process, which is used as a soil conditioner for various species, having very good results in the cultivation of blueberries. It is a very fine particle size, that improves aeration and water retention of the soil or substrate used.