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Main characteristics and properties

Sphagnum Moss, has tremendous moisture holding capacity and is capable of  absorbing 20 times its weight in water. This allows the plants to grow with constant moisture (but not saturated), while also allowing exposure to air.  This assures a better utilization of water resources and low frequency irrigation when compared to other substrates.
It is the combination of moisture and air that offers an extraordinary process of oxygenation to the roots of the plant. This contributes to faster growth, allowing in the case of Orchid flowers, a longer life in the flowering stage. 

The Sphagnum Moss provides antiseptic properties because it contains a phenolic compound called “Sphagnol", which helps the plant resist diseases and parasites. 

Growing naturally in the swamps, Sphagnum Moss is a self regenerating plant, which after harvests, returns to harvesting stage over a period of only 3-4 years approximately. This assures an eco-friendly and sustainable production for many years to come.