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Main Uses

Sphagnum Moss is a product that has various features  bringing different benefits to various applications and industries:

- It is highly recommended for the cultivation and development of Orchids.
- It is suggested as a substrate for all types of plants, especially acidic  and carnivorous plants.
- It can be used as a soil conditioner, improving drainage and absorption of the soil, and providing better soil structure for root development.
- Is recommended for animal terrariums,  providing adequate moisture and healthy conditions, especially for some reptiles and rodents.
- It can also serve well as “bedding” for larger animals, even horses, since it is such a good absorbent material.
- Moss products are also being used as substrates for other industries such as: Vertical Gardening, transport of roses and other flowers,  fruit tree rootstocks shipped long distances, etc.
- Finally, when compressed,it is excellent for the construction of decorative Moss Walls.